Monthly Archives: May 2021

  1. Reasons to buy a refurbished iMac 27” in 2021

    Apple iMac A2115 27" 2019 5K 3.6GHz i9-9900k 8 Core
    To the sound of virtual trumpets, Apple released their new flagship iMac 24” for pre-order on April 30th 2021. It comes with the new (much vaunted) M1 chip. It looks to have many welcome improvements all around – aside from the all new chip, new design and fruity colours. I won’t go into the details here - you can find all that elsewhere should you wish (and it isn’t the point of this blog!). It is undoubtedly a gorgeous, superfast machine, and the 27” (and rumoured 32” models) will undoubtedly follow soon. Happy days.
  2. Which iMac is the best for your home office?

    Apple iMac 27" A1419 (5K Mid-2017) Retina i5-7600K 3.8GHz, 8GB RAM, 2TB Fusion
    There is no doubt that, post pandemic, more and more of us will be spending at least part of our lives working from home. In truth, things were going this way before Covid reared it’s ugly head, but lockdown has accelerated the need for home office environments.