Monthly Archives: December 2021

  1. 5 Zoom alternatives for iOS

    iPad Pro displaying video conferencing software logos
    Many of us had never even heard of Zoom before the Covid 19 pandemic, but it's only taken a brief two years for it to enter the dictionary as a verb. We've all had to learn how to start and conduct video meetings, whether for business or connecting with loved ones (wine Fridays anyone?). We've also all had to learn how to end meetings too - the uncomfortable moments when everything has been said and time is up, or the business meetings where Gary from accounts dives into unnecessary details and the meeting drags on for what seems like hours. How we'll all look back and laugh! Or not.
  2. What's new in MacOS Monterey

    MacBook Pro running MacOS Monterey
    Imagine that history were different, and Apple was based not in Cupertino but Basingstoke. Right about now, we'd all be considering upgrading to MacOS Bedford (from MacOS Norwich). As it is, we can all follow Apple's geographical wanderings through the vastness of the USA - welcome to Monterey, Jack!
  3. 5 MacOS/ iOS recommendations for December 2021

    MacBook Pro with December 2021 recommended apps
    It's 2021, and whatever apple computer you spend your work and leisure time working on, there seems to be an app for almost every human endeavour. Many great smaller apps that I regularly use don't have 'recommends' on the app store - the 'review' section often has a tumbleweed blowing through it. Truth is, most people whether they're disinclined, or just plain busy, don't leave reviews. That's where real world recommends come in.