Mac Desktops

  1. How to create a MacOS USB installer

    Big Sur install icon with 128gb USB key

    There are a few reasons why you may need your own MacOS USB installers for your MacKing Mac computer - or any Apple computer for that matter. It pays to have a little under the hood knowledge of your everyday work tools, and it really needn't be daunting to learn.

  2. Which refurbished Mac do I need for audio?

    MacBook Pro 15" Retina 2.8GHz 1TB 16GB Dual Graphics Mid-2015
    I’m an audio professional, and so demand high performance and minimum downtime from my Macs. Modern audio production all starts with capable and reliable computers. I have a static studio setup, and a mobile rig for my ‘on the road’ needs, and both of my rigs are built around refurbished machines.
  3. How to migrate data between Macs

    Apple iMac 27" A2115 (5K 2019) Retina i5-8500 3GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSHD
    It’s best to think of replacing your existing Mac as moving house – hopefully not as traumatic, but it’s a half decent analogy! How big is your house, who lives there, what do you use it for and how much stuff do you have (and how much stuff do you want to take with you)? Like your house, your Mac may have accumulated piles of redundant data you can’t even remember, and equally have things in it that you use every day that you just take for granted. So how do you use it?
  4. Do Macs last longer than Windows PCs?

    Apple Mac Pro A1481 6,1 Desktop 3GHz 8 Core 64GB RAM 2xFirePro D500 3GB 512GB

    Is an Apple Mac a better investment than a Windows PC?

    An Apple Mac can cost a lot more money than it’s Windows PC equivalent, so it’s worth examining the major differences between these two platforms to see what bang you’re getting for your buck. Do Macs really last longer?