It is an undeniable truth that iPhones are a blessing in the electronics world. With innovation and style jammed into one phone, they are one enticing piece of electronics everyone would love to buy. So, what can an iPhone do? The right question is, what couldn’t an iPhone do?

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Each year the iPhone is upgraded with more new amazing features that drive the market crazy. One thing that has been a trademark of iPhones is its sleek and stylish design. The iPhone has always been aesthetically pleasing but that hasn’t put a damper on its performance, far from it.


iOS is stellar in keeping the performance of the device up to the mark. The security features, as well as the speed, are worth mentioning. A stylish design doesn’t mean a weak body, it is water-resistant and survives most damage.


With an impressive range of cameras, it provides the best shots. That combined with the retina display brings your pictures to life. What makes it all the more outstanding is that it has the best features for security, performance, and fun. You can make memojis, pick a live shot, payback in messages, set up a sleep schedule, and so much more.

The iPhones opens up a lot of possibilities with just a phone. But that is precisely it. It is not just a phone, it is your credit card, camera, alarm clock, SOS all in one.

Other Features

An iPhone features dual sim (some models have eSIM support), find my phone, speak screen, screen recording, measuring app, face app, magnifier and so many other apps that make the iPhone the top-notch phone that it is.

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