1. 15 years of the Apple Mac Pro

    The three generations of Apple Mac Pro
    To any creative who works with Apple products, the Mac Pro has always been the flagship desktop. The outstanding features of this product line has made it one of the powerful and flexible computers in the entire Apple range.
  2. Choosing a monitor for your Mac Pro

    Apple Pro Display
    We all know that the MacBook’s display has become an ever more beautiful thing with each upgraded release, and often leaves it's Windows the shade. But what about Mac Pro users?
  3. My top 10 audio fx plugins for MacOS

    Apple iMac 27” running Logic Pro 10.6.2
    No. Simples. There are thousands of products out there, from freeware through donationware to paid for (modestly priced to eyewatering!), not to mention the generous bundles of plug ins that come with your DAW of choice. The options available can be downright bewildering. There is no definitive top 10, so this is merely my top ten go to plug ins. I’m sorry that I’ve left so many favourites out, but who wants to read a Top 100?
  4. Audio Plugins overview

    Apple iMac 27” running Logic Pro 10.6.2
    I realise that I’m probably stating the obvious here, but aside from microphones instruments and cables, the basic tool that you’ll need to record and manipulate audio in the modern age is a computer. So which computer platform should you choose, Windows or Apple?