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Shipping & Delivery
Product prices, shipping / delivery costs, types of shipping method and terms and conditions of sale are subject to change without advance notice.

Orders are processed for shipment within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays will be processed the next business day. Payment must be received by 2pm / 1400 GMT for the order to be processed and dispatched that day. Please note some items may be marked as "Dispatched" on Saturdays & Sundays, but will be physically shipped next working day. The price of postage from* covers packing materials and labour, as well as the cost of postage.

Shipping Options

The information below details shipping charges and policies worldwide.

All orders for computers are sent via DPD Next Working Day delivery, who delivers parcels between 8am and 6pm, Monday-Sunday.

Within UK:

Customers from UK offshore Islands, Highland Islands and other remote or non-Mainland addresses (including Northern Ireland) will be subject to a £19.95+VAT remote delivery surcharge regardless of order cost.

Within Europe:

European shipping is £37.95.

Orders placed by any country outside of the UK including Europe will have the VAT amount (20%) deducted at the checkout. We will declare the item correctly on DAP incoterms (Delivered At Place). You will need to pay the duties/taxes due to your local authority directly when the carrier contacts you. Failure to do so in a reasonable timescale (usually within 72 hours of notification) could result in your item being returned or destroyed, neither of which we are financially responsible for. In the case of items returned to us due to non payment of duties, we will require further payment for a second postage attempt and no refund will be offered irrespective of delay. In the case of items destroyed due to non payment of duties, we will regretfully not be able to assist.


DPD - All orders are shipped using DPD unless otherwise stated. If your order status is "Dispatched" then your order has been posted.

If you need your item for a deadline, please call our team on 01494 899200 to check stock levels and shipping options.

DPD shipments: Once shipped are normally next day deliveries. Please check your order status for updated information. DPD delivers parcels between 8am and 6pm, Monday-Friday.


It is not the responsibility of* to insure products against damage in transit. This is the responsibility of our couriers insurance company, and the following must be adhered to in the event of any damage. Thoroughly check over your parcel when receiving to ensure that it has not been damaged in transit. If you see any sign of damage or mishandling, firstly take photo evidence and then REFUSE the parcel. It will then be returned back to us and we can inspect and send replacements. If you do not refuse the parcel and it has been damaged in transit, WE MUST BE NOTIFIED WITHIN 12 HOURS OF RECEIPT in order to open a claim with DPD. We cannot accept responsibility for damaged parcels not reported to us within 12 hours of receipt and failure to do so will invalidate your warranty and any subsequent insurance claims.* cannot be held responsible for damaged items not reported to us within 12 hours of receipt. Any fraudulent claims will be dealt with in cooperation with the DPD legal team and relevant authorities.
Claims can in some circumstances take up to 30 days to settle. In the unusual event that there is a password set on our goods it will either be set to "password" or simply left blank (just press enter). 

Privacy & Security

This notice is to inform you about the policies for collection and use of personally identifiable information on the MacColl Media site. Sites which link to our site may have different policies; please review the privacy policy notices on those sites for details.

We do not collect personally identifiable information about you on this site without your knowledge, and all such information is collected directly from you. For example, we may ask you to provide your e-mail address, name, mailing address, or other information about yourself in order to process orders, gather extra shipping information, or to be added to the list to receive e-mail updates of special offers and competitions. You are not required to provide us with this information, but if you choose not to, you may not be able to participate in some of the activities on this site. In certain instances we use cookies to store information that you have provided us with.

We use the information we collect from you to allow you to participate in the site activities for which the information is collected. For example, when you give us your e-mail address in order to receive updates, the address is added to the e-mail database list, and is only accessible by MacColl Media Ltd and its subsidiary websites. You may receive emails from MacColl Media Ltd promoting other products linked to There is always an “unsubscribe” option.

We do not share personal information provided by site visitors with anyone outside MacColl Media Ltd, except to the extent necessary to allow you to participate in site activities. In particular, we do not rent or sell mailing lists of site visitors to any third party.

We try to keep the information we collect from you as current as possible, and we take steps to maintain the security of your personal information and to prevent unauthorized access to it by those who do not have a legitimate need for it. We will never post your e-mail address or other identifying information you have provided on our site without your consent.

If you are under 13 years of age, you should not provide any personally identifiable information on this site without the knowledge and permission of your parent or guardian.

No personal information collected on this site is shared with third parties, except that information may be shared with those with whom we contract to carry out the internal operations of the site, for instance: dispatching your order.

The operator of this site is MacColl Media Ltd (Registered Company Number 06175055), Registered Trading Address: Harrem House, Ogilvie Road, High Wycombe, HP12 3DS, United Kingdom. For other questions relating to MacColl Media Ltd and its subsidiary companies, please use the contact form on any of MacColl Media Ltd’s websites.

This policy may change as our site develops and grows, so please re-visit this page as often as you wish.

Returns & Replacements

UK Consumers:

In the event of fault, incorrect item, items damaged in transit or incompatibility within 14 days of order confirmation,* requires you to return the order to us for examination, after which a refund or replacement will be issued. For orders placed more than 14 days ago, the same procedure applies for repair/replacement (refund policy is within 30 days). All item serial numbers are stored in a secure database. In the event that we receive an item that we did not ship as a return we will retain your payment and the item we received from you and inform local authorities of fraudulent activities.

UK Business Customers:

As business to business sales are not covered by the same Distance Selling Regulations as consumer sales, our return policy differs in that no refunds will be offered at any time, but your warranty/repair rights remain the same in the terms of sale.

Overseas (including Europe) Customers:

As overseas sales are not covered by the same Distance Selling Regulations as UK consumer sales, our return policy differs in that no refunds will be offered at any time, but your warranty/repair rights remain the same in the terms of sale.

If you are in doubt regarding which item to purchase for your requirements, please contact us via Email or Phone:01494 899200. Our consumer returns period is 14 days from date of purchase. Sales to businesses are not subject to consumer laws and returns will be handled on a case by case basis. Unless otherwise specified in writing, we do not accept returns from businesses.

Customers are responsible for their return shipping costs, and must use the original packaging provided by and where possible take out extra insurance for damage in transit. Damage arising from insufficient packaging or mishandling in transit is the responsibility of the customer regardless of whether original packaging or our courier is used. If do not pack the goods, we will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damaged goods in transit, and in some situations, the warranty may be voided. In certain circumstances, we will reimburse up to £9.95 in postage costs. Please contact a member of our team if you think you are entitled to this.

No returns will be accepted after 14 days, not even with a restocking fee applied. We do not accept returns on business to business transactions.

Any returns made due to our recommendation of a product being incorrect are exempt from any restocking fees. Any returns made due to an item being defective are not subject to any fee as we will replace the goods, however if an item is received, classed as a faulty return, and after inspection is found not to be faulty, then a restocking fee** will be applied, this includes items recommended by our representatives. If the customer chooses for a fault not to be repaired under warranty and opts for a refund, a restocking fee will apply. does not guarantee any batteries sold after 14 days. Any battery failure beyond this time is not eligible for replacement under warranty. is not responsible for any damage caused by a faulty battery other than the original product it was sold in during the 14 day battery warranty period. We check all products sold for damage prior to shipment, any defects noticed by packaging staff will be documented and the customer will either be informed or an alternative will be sent in place. Deposits taken for guarantee of stock are non-refundable in the event of cancellation of an order. Items returned to us due to damage incurred while the item was not in our possession will be subject to a restocking fee**. For us to bear liability for returns, they must be posted as a minimum of an insured traceable courier service, with the tracking number provided to us on date of postage. If a returned item has been posted to us, via an unrecorded/untraceable service, then we bear no liability or responsibility for its arrival at the returns address. The computer must also be returned in its original packaging materials as it was received for us to bear liability for any faults or damage. In the event of non-receipt by us of the returned item that was sent via an unrecorded/untraceable service, then no refund will be issued and no replacement will be issued. Any unjust/unlawful credit card chargebacks will be contested to the full extent of the law. Please check in writing the length of the warranty you are expecting to receive, most items purchased via our website carry 6/12 month warranties, however items purchased via ebay or deal websites are only 90 days.

** Restocking Fee is 10%

In the unlikely event of a fault with your item, items covered by our return to base warranty will need to be returned to our facility in High Wycombe. We will attempt to find the fault with the item within 48 working hours. If the item requires further testing after this period we will inform you and continue the work. If the computer is opened, altered, upgraded, downgraded, modified or customised our warranty is void and null with the following exceptions:

  • The work is carried out by Apple or an Apple Certified Technician in an Apple Service Centre

  • The work is carried out by

  • The RAM in desktops may be upgraded by anyone at any time

  • The RAM in laptops may be upgraded under certain circumstances. Please Contact Us for more information.

  • You are given express written permission by for the work that will be done
  • is not responsible for the item while it is in transit. If you do not feel that the packaging materials supplied are sufficient please call us immediately on 01494 899200 for advice. We do not bear liability for the actions of the courier company and their staff. If you experience any problems, please make sure to take a name so that we can make a complaint on your behalf. We advise that you do not allow the courier driver to advise or pack any items as they are not qualified to do so. In the event that the packaging is received in a damaged condition, we will charge £30 (inc VAT) per damaged box, if we deem the box to be unusable. We can provide photographic and written evidence to support any claims that we make in this respect. We treat each case individually and will carry out our investigations as to how the damage occurred in a fair manner.

    For items being purchased by, an administration fee of £30+VAT will be applied to any machines requested to be returned to the sender after being received at This is to cover shipping both ways (Collection + Return). This is non negotiable.

    MacColl Media Ltd t/a reserves the right to cancel an order at any time, for any reason.

    On chargeable repairs (booked in store or collected by DPD), we reserve the right to change the password to a blank password in order to carry out diagnostics. By booking your machine in with us, you acknowledge and accept this.



    Parts Warranty Terms and Conditions:


    Approved and Non-Approved Customers:

    For certain parts that we sell (Logic Boards and Display Assemblies amongst others), fitment must be carried out by MacKing's trained engineers at a very fair and reduced labour cost offered as a gesture to promote the reuse of our genuine parts.

    All of our parts are fully tested and known to be 100% working and genuine before being offered for sale. It is therefore fair to assume if after installation by a non-MacKing engineer the part should prove to be faulty then either the installation has been carried out incorrectly and damage has occurred, or there are further faults with the computer. As a result of a high number of returns and fraud, we operate a very strict policy outlined below which advises the three purchasing options and associated warranties for these parts.

    1. Purchase a fixed rate MacKing Labour Package (range from £108 to £180 depending on level of job involvement, and includes shipment both ways with DPD). Exchange of your old part (we will keep the part we replace). Warranty of 90 days is offered on parts fitted in this way.

    2. Approved Trade Customer. You can apply to become an Approved Trade Customer with MacKing at which point your company details will become whitelisted on our admin and you will be eligible to fit parts yourself. You must send us your faulty part at your cost within 3 working days of receipt to remain on the Approved Trade Customer list. Warranty of 30 days is offered on parts fitted in this way.

    3. Non Approved Trade Customer (case by case). You can purchase any part at the Approved Trade Customer price if you require it urgently. Payment is received via Bank Transfer only and a supplemental price is added to the part price (usually 20%) as we do not require the faulty part exchanged. No warranties or returns are offered on parts fitted by Non Approved Trade Customers.

    Other Ts and Cs to note:

    - If the part once fitted by us does not resolve the problem (ie there are other faults) we will refund you the cost of the part but not the cost of the labour and shipment (£108-180 depending on level of job involvement). We will as a gesture of goodwill provide a quote for any additional work should you wish to carry that out with us additionally.

    - If the part is fitted by an approved trade (B2B) customer and it does not resolve the issue (on similar terms to the previous point), we will offer a MacKing site credit for the part purchased once returned to us at your cost and tested by our engineers. The credit can be used against future purchases.