What is a refurbished Macbook?

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Apple Macbook – why buy new?

Everyone is aware that the Apple produce the Rolls Royces of mobile computing. From their slick and ergonomic design to the stability of the OS, they’re highly desired both as very reliable work tools and, yes, fashion statements!

Macbooks are beautifully engineered and constructed machines over their Windows counterparts, but buying new can be a major hit on the wallet. A refurbished Macbook is a great solution and a good investment that won’t break the bank. Buying secondhand anything can be a major worry, so you’ll want to buy from a trusted source.

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Has the hardware been fully tested?

When buying a refurbished Macbook, there are five things that you should look for:

1. Ensure that the machine has been erased using software to government approved standard. Blancco is the best tool for this, as it also runs stress tests on every hardware component to ensure that it’s in top working order.

2. Ensure that the Apple extended hardware test tool has also been run. This further tests all hardware components. Double indemnity.

3. Battery wear – ensure that this has been tested and is up to a suitable paremeter.

4. Ensure that any parts replaced in the above processes are genuine Apple components.

5. All refurbished Macbooks should pass through a thorough cleaning and quality assurance stage and have a fresh install of the latest compatible OS.

Peace of mind is everything, and you won’t fulfil this list buying from an individual on eBay (however well meaning!). Always go to a trusted seller.

Do older machines have a shorter life expectancy?

The short answer is no. A well tested and maintained machine will give you years of good service. Any machine will have components that may fail, so you’ll want some sort of warranty that matches what you’d get from Apple buying new. With laptops, the weakest link in the chain is the hard disk – I’ve had disks that have failed within weeks from new, and others that drive on for years. Luckily, that’s a quick and cheap fix with a refurbished Macbook.

Will I get a warranty?

You should expect a 12 month warranty from a good trusted seller. That’s exactly the same warranty that you’d get from Apple. Peace of mind, right there.